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tv   Today  NBC  November 24, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. hello, everybody. i just got terrible news. >> what is the terrible news? >> i can't do spanky tuesday for a while because we have toy drive for the christmas season. if you guys have any ideas on how i can get my spanky back, to our my facebook page. that is rock bottom by hay lie stein feld. i didn't know she was a singer. >> we have a couple of rock stars here, the property
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brothers are here. this time they're going a little country. they're renovating a sprawling ranch and they're here -- >> drew and jonathan allegedly. >> i only care for spanky tuesday, i'm out. >> i brought some meat. >> can i have that. that will be helpful later. we'll make spanky tuesday with you guys. >> no, no. >> e with gave the wrong impression. >> oh yeah. >> i didn't know it was that kind of show. >> we're really story about everything. any way our great chef is with us. what restaurant? >> emeril new orleans. >> we're going to whip up some great stuff from the bayou. >> these guys are going to get you moving. i love you in that dress. >> you do? it's a little floral. i'm not used to it.
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short like lately. anyway, yesterday hoda and i went yesterday straight to the show to the new york city rescue mission. the onliest mission in the united states. way back in the 1800s. they provide meals, shelter and service to the homeless people of new york city. i've been doing it since i was working with regis. when i first started doing this the homeless were mostly men. it was very rare that you saw a woman. hardly ever do i remember seeing a child. 95% of the people we served yesterday was women and kirn. >> it was by the way beautiful, really sweet people. >> if you want to figure out where to do some good this holiday season, one of the best places ever is the new york city mission. nw has its entertainer of the year. >> again it isn't us.
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she is their biggest star of 2015. it's her final and fourth "hunger games." >> she's got a new one coming out called "joy." with bradley cooper. like their third or fourth movie together. >> she's in the "x-men." there are other entertainers of the year. >> these are runners up? >> yes. chris pratt and adele. >> hello. >> that would have been my vote. >> and finally amy schumer and nicki minaj. >> look at amy. she's crazy. >> don't you want to hang out with her? >> we need a ten second delay with her as opposed to a five second. you never know what's going to happen. then after adele's concert, some celebrities had a girls' night
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look at this group. adele, jennifer lawrence and emma stone. adele met them for dinner after the performance on the tonight show. >> sad we didn't have a picture. >> here's the new song that adele sang on jimmy fallon. i love this. it's called "water under the bridge." take a listen. >> they're all breakup songs, right? all breakup. >> but she was so happy. not let me down, let me down gently . i can't sing. >> yes, you can. you sing when everybody else is singing and we want to hear the
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>> you guys we have to hear this. and i turned it up and i also turned up my own volume and apparently no one could hear adele. whatever. >> next week is the finale of "dancing with the stars. bindi irwin has become the favorite. she's apparently a wonderful dancer. last night she dedicated her performance -- look at this. she looks professional. that's derek hough. she looks phenomenal. >> at the end of the performance there was a pick cher of her and her dad. it was a surprise. she saw it and she was crying, everyone was crying. >> give mer the trophy now, right? >> yeah.
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she's dancing with her brother. she deserves it. that looked gorgeous. >> she's going to be competing in the finals then with nick carter from the back street boys -- >> and alex skarlatos. one of the guys who stopped what could have been a horrific train massacre. is that just last august? >> it really was. >> we have some bad news. here's a stat that's going to gross you out. we're just going to tell you. half of us according to a survey by -- >> probably kleenex. >> they say that 56% of people don't use tissues, they wipe their noses and -- >> hoda refuses to use the word boogers. >> and put them in ore places. >> boy that was not --
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that was so slow. good thing i'm not as tall as hoda. the three most popular places that they put these things are clothing, when i know it up, wipe it, put it down, desks. >> desks? let me try that. how can you do it on your desk? do you go -- oh, you put it -- >> i hate it when people do that. >> nobody does that. >> athletes do it all the time. it makes me sick. >> or the couch. >> the couch? >> so when you're visiting people, do your eagle eye, scope around. you don't know what could be put where. >> we were told a very funny story which i bet we're not allowed to tell. >> no, don't do it. >> if you children have very
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>> i'm sure your parents know. did your children put them anywhere? >> they're perfect. they picked my brain every day. >> so you wonder how far a sneeze goes. where does it go. have u ever been walking through an airport and someone sneezes and they're walking this way -- >> and they've got luggage and can't stop it. >> out it comes and you think how far away are they. the average human sneeze excels droplets that can reach the ventilation ducts in minutes. we decided to use a movie. 1995 there's a movie called "outbreak" which is apparently not about the flu. here he is. go. there it goes. where is it? it went next to those people, around the movie theater, and in her mouth and she she got it. okay.
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anyway, we're going to dry this with power. >> with cough. >> you go first. make sure the cameras are ready because we only get one shot. >> i won't do well because my nostrils aren't equal. come close. i have to prove it. i can only close one. so i'm at a disadvantage. save the wine! >> that wasn't so bad. >> what about you hoda? >> ready? >> you have a much larger head so it's interesting what will happen happen. i would not do that. >> yes, you would. >> you're right. okay ready? >> yeah. >> good. >> is that baby powder? that smells good. >> i like that. >> that didn't seem to be too bad. >> everybody thought that would
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be fascinating. are you a fan of "the wizard of oz." who isn't. just recently the dress that you day garland wore sold for over $1.5 million. it was one of two from the movie. that's not the highest. it was sold to an unidentified buyer. >> what do they do with these dresses? >> some people probably put them on. >> weird stuff. but most i think would buy them just because the bragging rights, to say i have it, or to loan them to museums. last year the cowardly lion costume sold for 3 million. but the most expensive piece of memorabilia is -- >> the subway dress, that one sold for $5.6 million. wow. >> i think i would have gone for
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>> she was my favorite actress ever. >> look at that hat. >> i met her one time. >> you did? >> frank and i were hosting regis and kathie lee because regis was off. she arrived, she had flown all night long from ethiopia, somewhere where she was doing her amazing work for united nations and no one knew at the time that she had colon cancer. and she sat there and talked about her work and i thought i am in love with this woman. yeah. >> wow. amazing. >> they always use their celebrity to make the world a better place. angelina jolie does that now. do you know people that are chronically late they say the subway, my car, the weather, et cetera. there's a writer from yahoo! that is sick and tired of being people late wrote an article saying people who are chronically late -- this is your quote.
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>> people like that simply belief their time is more valuable than everyone els. >> did you not just say this on the program a million times. >> they have no concept of how incredibly rude they are. >> i think that this entire yahoo! article has been lifted. >> we're talking about chronic lateness, someone who is never able to get there on time. >> some people are bad planners. >> if you know that about yourself, give yourself an extra half-hour. >> and also kids can throw a monkey wrench into it, everybody is in the car ready to go and then they need to go pot tity. there's a photo. >> there is? >> it's not a great one. >> blocking emma she's not even in it. that was worth it. we've got a couple of hot dishes straight from new orleans. speaking of hot dishes, do you know who is here?
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every day because you're worth it. with less than 48 hours to thanksgiving, you should know by now what you are going to the serve. have you thought about what you will doo with the yummy leftovers? >> and not to worry because the food team has enlisted the expertise of david slader, the chef of le cuisine in my home away from home new orleans. a new york boy from new orleans. >> and when we have anybody from new orleans we know it is going to be delicious food. hoda, you don't know how to cook. >> and now, how long have have you been in new york? >> ten years. >> and i can't believe that we are talking leftover already, but why wouldn't we be. what do you do with that stuff?
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quintessential dishes and louisiana dishes, and so every house and restaurant has gumbo boiling everyday. >> what is that, david? >> leftover tur e key and the holy trinity which the celery and bell pepper and onion and a add some garlic, too, and throw in some sausage. >> did we throw away the sausage that one of those property brothers had? >> yes. >> and so now, this is oil or any kind of fat and you can use vegetable oil or fat from the sausage. >> and not olive oil. >> no, because lit get bitter. >> and so what we will do is to whisk it in equal parts, flour and oil and until it is thick,
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a lot of people will be worrying want to put it in caramel color, and then that gives the gumbo all of the flavor. and you have to cook a roux low and slow. and now it is going a while ark and you make it a caramel color and darker if you want, but it is not necessary, because everybody has a different gumbo. do what you want. >> and what is that? >> the holy trinity, the bell peppers and the onions and the celery and i love to add the garlic. >> nice. >> and of course, every layer has to be seasoned, so we will season it with a little bit of salt, and kick. and cayenne pepper. >> there's the kick. >> and then there is a little misconception that everybody say says it is cajun and new orleans and spicy, and it is heavily spiced and salted, but it is not spicy, but it is layers of flavor. and we have dried herbs and
10:19 am
thyme and oregano and saw damage. >> and two kinds. >> yes, and so what we are doing is to using a kielbasa sausage and andouille sausage, and you can use the italian sausage and cher reez sew. >> and what about the spicy kind? >> well, it if you like it spicy. and so this is going to be cooking, and let it cook, and we at the restaurant we make our own turkey broth from the carcasses, but you can buy a chicken broth or beef broth and if you are using seafood, use a seafood broth. >> let's serve it up. >> that is a lot of chopping. >> and you can take it darker or lighter, but it is a nice thickened stew thickened by the roux and the nutty flavor. >> and why don't you serve it up. >> he is still talk ging. >> i am hungry. >> all right.
10:20 am
>> and add the turkey meat and the parsley and the green onions. >> you had me until the green onion s onions. >> and warm it up in there. >> and we don't have time for the that, and we can't heat it up. >> and now, that we spoon it over the rice, and traditionally eat it over rice or potato salad or grits is equally as good. >> and now, on the other side, it is going to be a rice and raisin and chicken salad thing. >> yes, a turkey wild rice salad. >> oh, my. happy thanksgiving, truly good. >> glad you enjoy it. >> mm-mmm. >> yeah. we would say smgomething if we could >> to get more res e peas go to >> if you have questions for the food go to and now, our brothers, will show do you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times? it's a housewife who's in control of the finances.
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it is time to bring you brain teaser tuesday and we put your pinds to work with a fup little riddle and this is courtesy of brain teasers. >> dustin was born on december 28th, and yet his birthday always falls in the summer. how is that possible? dustin was born on december 28 28th, but his birthday always falls in the summer. how is that possible? >> falls in the summer. probably has nothing to do with it. you have a few minutes to call your friends and figure it out. and hoda is going to tell me and we will see you after the break. >> and one thing that you can do to splus up the bedroom from the property brothers. they are here.
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welcome back to the springer tuesday and before the break we gave you this riddle. >> dustin was born on december 28th, and yet his birthday always falls in the summer and how is that possible? >> it is because dustintralia and it is summer there. >> we didn't know that. somebody had to tell us. >> and here with us are the brothers. they have a little much on hgtv. >> four shows. >> and if that is not enough, they have another one. it is called "property brothers
10:29 am
renovate a 28-acre estate. >> and now, the rocky hoedown coming now. >> you are musically inclined and you have two singles on itunes. >> yes. >> and it dropped today. >> i have to hear a little bit. ready. okay. they are trying. >> matt lauer took it with him. he was dancing all morning to it. >> okay. we will get it when we get it. and the ranch. is it in colorado? >> no, it is in alberta, and it is a family ranch and the first time i have done a log home makeover and a stable makeover and this is a real working ranch and where they filmed "brokeback mountain mountain" and so it is famous. >> and yes, it is guest cabin and the barns. >> and the left-hand side?
10:30 am
>> we are just asking. we don't know, okay. >> i hope so on the right. >> and we have other spaces, and the trick is that sometimes when you are working in the country, it is too rustic and too traditional and it sis a matter of blending it, and on the right, you can see that we kept some of the features, but blended it out. >> you don't want to get rid of all of the rustic. >> no, you don't want a manhattan apartment. >> it is a fun project. >> and this is wunone more. >> yes, a bathroom upstairs with this terrible tile. and cowboys think about the function, and they don't care about the aesthetic, and they don't care about that the but function. and so we said you should look good. >> and the contractors and the cowboys only want to look good in a tight pair of jeans. >> yes. >> and headboards pe hind and you like the textured soft ones. >> yes, if you have a headboard, you don't want something stiffening. and this this panel here. this is hard plastic which is good for wall plastic, but
10:31 am
>> and you can create a headboard out of this, which is interesting, but i like the softer surface. >> what is that? >> if you can feel the surface of the two, and i have done an entire wall headboard where where you take the plywood panels and upholster them, and then you can do it very, very fast and it is like putting together a puzzle and you can go right to the floor to ceiling with this beautiful material. >> and pad it, cover it, and staple it and slot it down in place and it will stay. >> that is so easy and inexpensive. >> and even she could do it. >> well, let's not get crazy. >> y'all are in big trouble. all right. moving down to the ladder. >> yes, this is even easier. and you show me, can you put this on the wrung. can you do it? >> i am tired of being treated like that. >> watch, she is going to mess it up. >> look at that. what is this, down here? basically, all of this, this is
10:32 am
an old ladder, and i made it out of 2x4s and dowells. hang it on any wall, and you have instantly a piece of decor and it is taller to break up ale wall if you want it to divide up a space. >> i like it to use it in a bathroom to do it that way. >> and low profile use of the space, and if you are afraid of the kids secure it at the top. and have a bracket attached to the wall or the ground >> do we have the music? do we? dave? >> and if people go on the social media, mr. silver scott. >> i didn't know you guys were so musical. >> is this you? >> oh, yes. we did this, performed it live in front of 2000 people in the middle of the caribbean. not too bad. >> that sis the tease. and now, we are auditioning backup dancers if you are interested. >> we have some there, because elvis duran is here. and the property brothers at
10:33 am
home on the ranch is premier inging tomorrow night on hgtv. >> and elvis is going to reveal the secret weapons, and you will love how they sound. the national tv debut is coming up. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse.
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for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. we are back, everybody, with elvis duran's artists of the month. >> and today's talent is a couple off guys called secret e
10:38 am
national tv debut singing their single "something new." >> what are your names? >> jerry. >> danny. >> and you are the one who was a lawyer at epic records? >> yes, i was working there at epic, and it was a fun ride for sure. >> and you don't belong there? >> well, in another way. >> and did you do your own deal and when epic records said, let's sign you. >> no, a conflict of interests. >> and you are new york boys, elvis? >> yes, new york boys on the "today the" show. and this is the sound that takes me back to the '80s. >> when they were born. >> very late '80s, because you can hear the cure and the tears for fear and even though you didn't grow up with them, they the inspired you and you can hear it in your music. >> yes, i heard it in my mom's car to the store or something, and subconsciously there. >> and by the way, it is the
10:39 am
>> and first show appearance, too. and speaking of the musical influences and you said, i love that sound? >> the cure. they bring a grand vibe tullef of the music that we love and admire so much. >> the same for springsteen, and prince and anything that is larger than life and colorful. >> friends growing up or find each other later? >> no, actually we hated each other for a long time. and we were in math class and jer are ri sat in front of me everyday and everyday the math teacher would say, stop it, jerry, stop turning around to talk to danny. and we would get kicked out of class. >> and you know, you will have to see over that hair. and the inkredcredible energy here. the weaponettes. >> yes. >> we could use some more help if you want us in. >> no, we heard the rehearsa believe me, i put this hair through a lot, every day. that's why i need total repair.
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we've met e elvis duran's artists of the moment, and now it is time to hear them sing. they are such nice boys. >> they are the group from new york called secret e wepweapons. >> in issier jerry and daniel with "something new." >> all right. go, guys. hello mister welcome to your life we're going to work you to the bone he said sit down and listen fix your suit and tie
10:44 am
and never dream of something more oh whoa we are all running with the bulls we are all running with the bulls i will take my chances because it is nothing to lose i want something new i want it i want something new ooh ooh i want it i want something nothing that i cannot deny feels so right i want something new i want something new can't find a reason not to stay up all night because something is stirring in my soul oh oh i fit the pieces to my mixed up life and i'm in with the new and out with the old ooh ooh we are all running with the bulls
10:45 am
we're all running with the bulls i will take my chance because there is nothing else to lose i want something new i want it i want something new ooh ooh i want it i want something so good that i can't deny that e feels so right i want something new ooh ooh i want something new it is driving me crazy i'm stuck like stone in yesterday i just want to taste and you know it is so cruel it is driving me crazy i'm stuck in stone like yesterday i just want to be doing whatever it takes i want something new ooh ooh i want it i want something new ooh ooh i want it i want something so new that i
10:46 am
i want something new ooh ooh i want something new ooh ooh i want it i want something new yeah yeah i want something new that i can't deny that it feels so right i want something new come on now i know you want something new i want it i want i want i want something something all i want all i want is something something new i want something new >> yes! >> what just happened!
10:47 am
oh, my gosh. >> ladies, try to behave yourself. >> did you feel the energy up there? >> yes, i did. >> you come over here, too. >> how did you do that? >> good for you. >> oh, my goodness. what are your names? >> nicky. >> calie. >> keisha. >> and you were singing. >> and ryan is the drummer. >> and you guys, you have a fun bunch, huh? >> so the single just dropped, and so we will be watching that climb. climb. >> and raise your hand if you wrote it. okay. >> and they gave it their all and the first time on tv, unreal. >> you sold it. that is awesome. thank you so much. that is great. thank you, everybody. >> you will be back, we know that. and we will be back, too, in a moment. >> but first, this is "today" on
10:48 am
>> what she said. let's spread some cheer for those less fortunate. >> and one of our favorite contributes is the toy foundation itself. >> so let's see what is inside of the box. >> oh, yes. >> hi! >> hello, there. >> and look it is jean butler the executive director of the toy foundation. >> it is not a jack in the box, but a jean in the box. >> and by the way, jean, was it bad in there? were you claustrophobic because i was getting nervous. >> the toy foundation is here to donate 10,000 toys in need. and this snoopy is one of them. give his hand a squeeze. >> i love it! >> okay. that is hot.
10:49 am
makes you want to dance every >> and how many are you giving away? >> more than 10,000 toys to kids in need. >> and we have some cool toys that the kids are playing with. >> yes, nick, caroline and timmy and they are playing with the toys that are donated. the teenage mutant turtle, and t the magnet builders. >> why do you give every year? >> we want every child to have the gift of play. and every child deserves a toy and time for kid s tos to be kids. >> yes. >> and more than ever, and seems this year more than ever we have more kids in need. >> and we were at a homeless shelter at the new york mission, and overwhelmed by the fastest growing population of homeless is women and children. so thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having us, guys.
10:50 am
child in need or donate at and get a jump on the best toy deals. >> and plus a performance by the one and only tom jones. what's new, pussy-cat? >> and we will have personalized
10:51 am
>> enjoy yourgood morning, i'm brooke bouma.... a new poll of iowa republicans shows donald trump still leading in the state... the quinnipiac poll showtrump with 25 percent of the vote. ted cruz comes in at a close second... with 23 percent support... that's double the support he had 4
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weeks ago.
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